Crypto Bears vs. Crypto Bulls: The Who’s Who in Cryptocurrency

Crypto bears and crypto bulls – we know ’em, we love ’em, well, some of them at least. Shots have been fired in both directions, and the battle lines have been drawn. Who will come out on top? This is crypto bears vs. crypto bulls. Crypto Bears and Crypto Bulls First, what is a crypto […]

Bitcoin Price Watch – BTC/USD Tests $7,500 Support

Bitcoin Price Watch: On Wednesday morning, Bitcoin went on a steady bullish run which took BTC/USD to as high as $7,700. However, BTC/USD is currently on the decline due to a major selloff, testing a major level at $7,500. This downward movement may be crucial in determining whether Bitcoin price will see further pullbacks and […]

Is CNBC’s Fast Money Trying to Manipulate Bitcoin Cash Price?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price continues to trade in the range of $1,000 to $1,150 since the start of this week albeit strong support from market analysts. The fourth largest coin hasn’t been responding to analyst’s remarks – who expected significant growth in its price mainly due to its powerful blockchain network. Source Image: CNBC’s Fast […]

What’s Happening with Ripple? An XRP Giveaway, Codius is Back and More!

The week is almost over, but that’s not slowing down the crypto market, or stopping Ripple (XRP) from making headlines. In fact, on Wednesday, there’s quite a bit of Ripple news making its way around. Plus, XRP is trading in the green zone, so that’s a bonus!  Before we get to the actual news, let’s […]

EOS Bugs Pay for Themselves: 11 Bugs Found, Nearly $120K Paid

People have been on the lookout for EOS bugs ever since the first big EOS vulnerability was discovered days before the EOS mainnet was set to launch. Now, more bugs have been found, and almost $120 thousand was paid for their discovery. The Cry for Help The initial bug that set things off was discovered […]

Bitcoin isn’t a Panacea, XRP is Better than BTC – Brad Garlinghouse says

Bitcoin (BTC) is a perfect store of value, but it’s not a Panacea that could solve all the global financial problems, according to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Brad Garlinghouse – who previously predicted that only a few altcoins would exist in the next few years, now says Bitcoin doesn’t have the potential to become the global […]

EOS and Binance Coin (BNB): Coming Up Hot, Hot, Hot

EOS and Binance Coin (BNB) are up on the crypto market today, with Binance Coin taking the lead in the top 100 coin race. What’s happening to these coins? Let’s find out! EOS EOS is currently selling for $14.03, which puts the coin up 1.99% in the past 24 hours. EOS’s price has been fairly […]

Critical Ethereum [ETH] Parity Consensus Bug Found – Here We Go Again

Ethereum [ETH] – Parity Technologies, the developers of the widely-used software that allows a secure interaction with the Ethereum blockchain, has just announced via their company’s Twitter page that their developers have discovered yet another critical bug within their software. A consensus issue on the public test network Ropsten has revealed a consensus vulnerability. Please […]