Facebook Coin Rumors Continue to Circulate: What’s the Truth?

There have been Facebook coin rumors for months in the crypto community and today, the New York Times stirred them up again. According to the New York Times report, Facebook is currently working on its own digital currency to integrate into its messaging services. Facebook Coin Rumors A few months ago, Bloomberg released an article about […]

Russia Crypto Adoption: President Putin Orders Crypto Regulations

According to a document published on the Russian President’s official website, Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian Government to adopt cryptocurrency regulations by July 1st this year. The move will help Russia crypto adoption. Setting the deadline, the Russian President has ordered the body to enforce crypto-related regulation for the digital assets industry. Russia Crypto […]

Apple’s Steve Wozniak Says Bitcoin has “Massive Value Creation”

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has spoken out about Bitcoin in a revelation that many would consider bullish in sentiment. Wozniak, in an interview with Bloomberg, has said of the coin that “we’ve seen massive value creation.” He also puts most of the market volatility down to fear-mongering and psychology. Apple’s Steve Wozniak The co-founder of Apple […]