South Korea Creates Gyeongbuk Coin for Gyeongsangbuk-do Loyalty Scheme

China may be doing all it can to suppress cryptocurrencies, but South Korea is going the opposite way. Specifically, in its Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. But what’s going on? Well, according to sources, officials are partnering with blockchain startup Orbs to create a province-specific coin called the Gyeongbuk coin. But why? South Korea’s Gyeongbuk Coin The province is […]

Venezuelan Banks Must Accept Petro—Maduro Introduces New Economic Reforms

Two days ago, Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, ordered the nation’s banks to adopt the Petro digital currency, so now Venezuelan banks must accept Petro. In a bid to reform the nation and alleviate the current Venezuelan economic crisis, Maduro is trying to get the Petro coin recognized as Venezuela’s second currency and now banks within the […]

Bitmain’s is Launching an Ethereum Mining Pool

Bitmain Adds Ethereum Mining Pool: The world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool is cheating on Bitcoin. Bitmain’s is expanding to add an Ethereum mining pool which will initially support both Ethereum and Ethereum classic.  Users will now be able to switch their hashing power from one pool to another, in light of what’s happening in the market. Bitmain […]