Crypto World Cup Day 18! The Final 16 Fight

Welcome to Crypto World Cup Day 18! We are down to the final 16 and this round gives no second chances; if you lose your match you are out.  To arrive at the final 16 required tenacity and teamwork; it was a battle of the best and brightest but only the strongest have made it […]

Less than 4% of Crypto Coins are Successful

Today has not been the best day for cryptocurrencies everywhere. With Bitcoin declining below the critical $6K level, it marks the furthest drop in the coin since November. Declining as much as 4.2 percent on Friday, it is currently trading around the $5,900 mark; this is whopping 59 percent decline from its highs at the beginning of this […]

Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) Suggests that Tron (TRX) Should Switch to Mantis

Charles Hoskinson suggests Mantis: Last week, Tron (TRX) was heavily criticized as developers outside of the project discovered that most of the code on Tron’s platform had been taken from Ethereum’s EthereumJ library. Tron celebrated its ‘Independence Day’ from Ethereum on the 25th, but ironically it wasn’t independent from the project at all. While the […]